Train Your Brain with Braingle!

Brains are really cool!!! And our brains can adapt and change...that's called neuroplasticity!

Like our muscles, our memory requires us to “use it or lose it.”  "Working out" our brain helps us more easily process and remember information. But not all brain workouts are equal. The best brain exercises shake up our routines and challenge us to use and develop new brain pathways. So, be brave, get engaged, and try something NEW!

Braingle is a free website jam-packed with brain-teasers, puzzles, trivia, strategy and card games, and so much more. Fun for all ages!

Funbrain is perfect for the PreK-8th grade crowd who are looking for fun, educational games and activities.

Mindgames is another free website filled with word games, sudoku, crosswords, memory games, and more fun ways to grow your gray matter!

And lastly, take time to unplug from digital devices and exercise your brain in the real world, too!

* Try learning something new that is outside of your comfort zone

* Go for a walk and take a new route -- be sure to notice new things

* Be active and eat healthy foods so your brain can be sharp!

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Happy Brain Exercising!

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