Quarantine and Chaos

Guest blogger, Rev. Lauren R. E. Larkin (SMP Campus Teaching Chaplain), provides us with steadiness in the midst of today's storm.

Rev. Lauren R. E. Larkin:

In this video, I talk about the presentment of chaos in our current quarantined reality and ways in which (I've learned) to take dominion of the small environment and regain some modicum amount of control. My blog is an intersection of everyday life and theology. All of my pastoral and academic work revolves around the idea: if the gospel is *true* it's true at the moments where the rubber meets the road: in sorrow and suffering, in joy and celebration, in fear and anxiety, in meh and mediocrity. In our encounter with God in the event of faith, we are recreated into people who are rightly oriented in the world toward other people and in a real (read: substantial) way. In other words: real people, living real lives, in a real society. 

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