ADHD: Routine Calms the Teen ...and Everyone Else

Changes brought on by COVID-19 have reshaped each of our lives; however, students with ADHD may be particularly vulnerable to these disruptions.

Research supports that people with attention-deficit disorder (ADHD) benefit from organization strategies and time management tools even more than a person with a neurotypical brain, but people with ADHD usually need a lot more help learning and managing these skills.

ADDitude Magazine is a well-trusted source for information regarding attention-deficit disorder. Moreover, their website offers multi-levels of support for people with ADHD, as well as parents, clinicians, and educators.

Clinical psychologist, Dr. Sharon Saline (author of the book What Your ADHD Child Wishes You Knew) wrote the following article for ADDitude, explaining in detail how parents and their children with ADHD are able to work together during this time of distance learning to build and maintain a daily schedule.

Are You Coronaschooling? Daily Schedule Advice for ADHD Families

Hopefully, reading and implementing at least a few of Dr. Saline's suggestions may help your teen or child have a more productive and less stressful day :)

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